Share culture, design, anywhere, anytime EXPLORE PAGE You are at the spots FINDER. From here you can find any existing photo or video on the platform You can make your search at a specific address (country + city + street + number), or by proximity order to the approximate central point of a map area if you are less specific with the address (country + city) You can also do or combine your searches based on texts contained in titles and descriptions or by author name Do not forget that from here you can also upload your own photos and videos and share it with the rest of the community

Explanatory video to Upload your Photos / Upload your Videos

Items Items A spotting is a grouping of photos and / or videos posted by the same or different users who share title, place and direction The cover image of a spotting is the last published. Click on the image or the title to see the spotting content. In a spotting you can see the photos/videos authors, the guide types wich photos belong to, and the popularity of each photo and video through the I likes, visits, comments and the score they receive from other users

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